Eleverna skulle skriva brev till olika personer men allt handlade om att förbereda personerna inför att de skulle komma till kvarteret.

Welcome to sweden.

Hello My name’s Isa.

My favourite fod is tacos.

My favourite colour is blue.

I love cats.

My hobbys is paint.



                        Welcome to Lucksta in Sweden!


Hope you gonna enjoy Sweden.

I heard you gonna move in to the apartment next to me. It´s gonna be fun to have you as a naighbor. In Sweden it´s very cold so you are ready. If you gonna be my naighbor you shuold know some more about me.

My name is Anton. I´m 25 year´s old. I live in a apartment that looks like a Star wars ship from up above. I love cat´s and i have two, there names is Blixten and Bingo. My favourite food is cooked chicken.


Welcome to Lucksta!

Hello and welcome to lucksta here you can have fun with our football team lucksta if. You can also go to lucksta livs and buy candy, ice cream, a drink or two and some alcohol. You can also go past strandvägen to go to a nice beach at summer. We also have the school, it is very good teachers and very good pupils.

We have two schools Sten and Trä, where your son can go. Trä has the classes f-3 and sten have 4-6.

And you can go to attmars hembygdsgård and look at old things.

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